Empower Employee Mindfulness with a Unique Toybox

How can toys influence mindfulness in the workplace?

Toys reduce stress at work, helping to unwind during hectic days

Toys stimulate the brain to improve problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision making

Toys increase employee focus by channeling energy, improving focus on tasks

Discover Our Assortment of Curated Mindfulness Toys

Unlock the power of play and enhance team dynamics with a mindful employee gift box.
These boxes are filled with an assortment of carefully curated toys and items that cater to your team’s interests and needs.
Current curated boxes have a quantity of one. For more, contact frank@googlymoogly.com.

Our Custom Mindful Toybox Options

Unique employee gift boxes customized to your needs.

Where do I start?

  1. Review options below
  2. Decide on a small or large box
  3. Think of how many you need
  4. Consult with a fun-gineer
  5. Sit back and relax!
Custom boxes might take longer to fulfill to ensure that they are tailored to your specific needs.



Pre-selected delightful and affordable toybox that makes a big impact on your employee’s ability to focus and double down on self-care.

  • Teams with a tight budget
  • Organizations trying to fulfill large quantities
  • Looking for a test kit to “sell” the idea of using toybox



Experience the perfect blend of excitement and variety with a carefully curated assortment of toys tailored to your needs.

  • Teams that are always looking for something new
  • Organizations interested in both at-home and in-office solutions



Dive into a world of play through a wide collection of toys that offer an extraordinarily personalized play experience.

  • Teams with a big budget
  • Teams of ~10 that want something personal

Other Mindful Play Business Solutions

Mindfulness & Stress-relief Workshops

Prioritize the well-being of your employees with our Mindfulness & Stress-relief Workshops. These workshops provide practical techniques and tools to help individuals reduce stress, enhance focus, and cultivate a mindful mindset. Through mindful practices, participants gain invaluable skills to manage stress and increase resilience.

Desk Decor & Zen Kits

Transform your employees’ workspaces into tranquil havens with our Desk Decor & Zen Kits. These carefully curated kits bring a touch of serenity to any desk, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. Create an environment that encourages focus, creativity, and a peaceful state of mind, enhancing both productivity and employee satisfaction either at home or in the office.

Employee Break Rooms

Elevate your employee break room experience. Our team will collaborate with you to create the ideal break room. Whether you envision a vibrant social hub for networking and collaboration or a room focused on friendly competition, we’ll help you transform your break room into a rejuvenating space.

“I embrace joy and playfulness in my life.”

Embrace play and toys to create more mindfulness for employees during the work day. Each of our clients is assigned a fun-gineer to guide you through the creative process of customization.

Invest in our services and witness the positive impact on employee engagement, productivity, and overall satisfaction. When stress relief toys and mindfulness unite, magic happens, leading to a workplace where stress melts away, creativity flourishes, and employees thrive.

Invest in your team today!

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